Interesting articles about innovation money and work

Here are some of the most interesting articles I read the last 2 weeks.


Should you start from scratch when building something? Or do innovations come from iteration? That's what James Clear writes about in his article Don't start from scratch. Summing it up: No, most of the time you shouldn't start from scratch! Most innovation comes from iterating on or building on already existing technologies or solutions.


You probably already thought about the question: How much money is enough?. Turns out there's an answer for that. It's an individual one for each of us. And it might not be what you think it is. Having not enough money sucks. Having too much can suck as well. So there's not a threshold but a range of wealth where you can truly do and say what you want. Hence, f**ck you money.


Essentially, this article how to use daily quadrants is about when to be most effective and to do what kind of work. In the end: do the heavy (brain) lifting in the morning when you're more focused and alert.

Also, what about the work as a developer: What do you think about Pull Requests? Are they a good thing for your professional work or could they hold you back?

There's evidence stating that high performance teams do not seem to use PRs quite often. Which might either be because they just don't need it since they're just a well oiled team who found their ideal workflows and processes. Or that those teams might not profit from using PRs at all.

The article tends to conclude that it works well for managing trust i.e. in Open Source development teams.

But professional teams working in a company shouldn't use this additional step. At least not if they want to be a fast moving team producing rapid results.


Articles about Rust for OpenCV and a Svelte Store

Here are some interesting Rust related articles.

Rust and OpenCV

If you're interested in Rust and missing image recognition features like with OpenCV this article about Rust with OpenCV got you covered.

Rust and Svelte Store

So, I like developing with Svelte and Rust. When I found this article about developing a Svelte store with Rust I was instantly hooked.

Effective Rust

Do you know the book Effective C++? It's quite popular in the C++ world and if you enjoyed it and are about to learn Rust you might like the book Effective Rust.


Is there anything good about feedback at work?

I happened to stumble upon this article from 2019 about "the feedback fallacy", again. If you don't know it, it's a very good read!

You might have asked yourself if there was anything good about those feedback rounds. This article pretty much sums this up and handles the good and especially the bad parts.
And makes suggestions on how to do it better.

My takeaway

  1. Always handle feedback like an opinion and present it like that
  2. Concentrate on strengths and how to connect the strengths with possible weaknesses
  3. Direct and humble feedback is worth more than general feedback rounds
  4. The receiver (of feedback) decides if they should act on it or not
  5. A weakness to one can be a strength to the other. And the other way around. Also, this might very much depend on the situation or job. Meaning: There rarely is one and only truth


12 things you should know when working from home

Photo by Aleksi Tappura on Unsplash showing a simple home work setup

Ok first of all this is my first article with using a clickbait title. I wanted to see for myself what difference it made.
And now back to the topic: Since I have been working remotely for about 2 years now I wanted to share some of my experiences. As well as things that I could have done better when starting and things that went well from the beginning.

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Und das meistgenutzte Passwort ist?

Ähnliche Auswertungen oder Forschungen gab es ja schon häufiger, aber ich finde, man kann nicht häufig genug darauf hinweisen, welches die am meisten genutzten Passwörter sind.
Und wenn man sich so im Bekanntenkreis umhört (bzw. es teilweise unfreiwillig erzählt bekommt), dann sind die Ergebnisse ganz gut nachzuvollziehen...

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