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Is there anything good about feedback at work?

I happened to stumble upon this article from 2019 about "the feedback fallacy", again. If you don't know it, it's a very good read!

You might have asked yourself if there was anything good about those feedback rounds. This article pretty much sums this up and handles the good and especially the bad parts.
And makes suggestions on how to do it better.

My takeaway

  1. Always handle feedback like an opinion and present it like that
  2. Concentrate on strengths and how to connect the strengths with possible weaknesses
  3. Direct and humble feedback is worth more than general feedback rounds
  4. The receiver (of feedback) decides if they should act on it or not
  5. A weakness to one can be a strength to the other. And the other way around. Also, this might very much depend on the situation or job. Meaning: There rarely is one and only truth