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Discover my current and past projects. Most of these projects are related to web development, SaaS or web security like password and authentication security.

Order: Most recent to oldest.

Active projects

maildump - Currently under development: E-Mail migration, archiving, backup and content extraction tool. Written in Rust.

Domainder - Do you possess and manage a lot of domains? And do you have issues with remembering when to renew (or possibly skip) a domain? With domainder, which is my first app written in Rust, you can easily set a domain to be reminded about. It's a console based tool while fetching a given domain's information via whois (as far as available). You need to provide an email address where the reminder should be sent to. I'm planning a webapp to let you remind about a domain's expiry date based on this code.

Google Font Replacer - Managing GDPR compatible websites and apps isn't always easy. When active in Germany, you might run into issues with using Google Fonts directly via link to their servers. With gfontreplacer you can download all the (statically) used fonts and replace its usage in the code with the new local download. I'm planning on creating a scanner app based on this code scanning pages for possible GDPR issues, with an addition to include the actual code.

Are we fucked yet - This is a project with a satirical and dark view about the latest world events. It's showing the doomsday clock ticking down as well as my take on some of the world's current issues. Also implemented a Yes/No voting service for that.

How to manage passwords - Passwords are one of my favourite topics. So I created two Infographics with best practices. One for Developers and one for Users. Also, this page will go a bit more into some details.

Breakeven Calculator - One of my latest projects to easily calculate and plot the Breakeven Point since I use this on a regular basis.

Retrap - To streamline recruiting requests and save time answering them (as well as for the recruiter getting to know if contacting me makes any sense) I created this side-project. Basically, you set up a set of questions and answers via json file which gets rendered to a HTML questionnaire. The page can be presented to recruiters upfront. The answers will be saved and an email notification sent to you. Also contains statistics about the answers.

Inactive projects

Rotate Images - A side-project training my frontend and ideation to production skills. It allows you uploading a picture you want to be physically rotated by EXIF information embedded into the image and immediately getting the rotated image as a result.

Elternrechner - A project I started a few years ago but never got it finished. Still, I'm not willing to let it go and will continue finishing it in the near future since I still like the idea very much: Saving hours of research and filling out forms for new parents while being able to compare different strategies for parenting money (this is a thing in Germany).

Easy Password Handler - The Easy Password Handler project was initiated since I was tired of remembering passwords and at the same time making my passwords and its usage more secure. With that project I implemented a proof of concept where you could easily enter your password in a webservice via overlay directly related to the password input field. This is more convenient since it also generates the passwords (being unique to every service) on the fly without saving any password related data anywhere. This is done by using a Master Password + service specific salt.

Discontinued projects

Grundsteuereinspruch Online - More practicing Rust: This service's backend was written completely in Rust and is used for generating PDF files from an HTML input. It also utilizes a tax office database (be prepared for another service) I created for this project. The aim of the project was to simplify the creation of a tax bill objection letter.

Linux on Samsung Chronos Laptop - The Linux on Samsung Chronos7 project documents my findings and steps I took to get Linux running on this Laptop. This includes lowering temperature and CPU/GPU usage and therefore the fan noise.

HTPC - Discontinued project about my endeavors with setting up a Linux based Home Theater Personal Computer.