Benedikt Grande

Hi! I'm Benedikt. Human, father and a software developer focusing on web technologies working at FLYERALARM. I'm always eager to learn new things.

About Benedikt Grande

I'm a Senior Software Developer working at FLYERALARM.

As a web software engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset, I'm a huge fan of SaaS and bootstrapping as well as solopreneurship.

My latest, already closed, project was Grundsteuereinspruch Online where I wanted to simplify the creation of a tax bill objection letter.

Some of my side projects are two infographics regarding password management best practices, a breakeven point calculator, and

For a proof of concept, I created Easy Password Manager and Retrap.

Remote First advocate.

Providing smart solutions with

Never stop learning

Getting faster from zero to one (as in developing and marketing an app in a very short amount of time).

Reading a lot to get better in Marketing (much room for improvement here).

Also, very much into developing fast applications, especially with PHP Swoole.

If there's some time left

Learning about Rust since I very much like the language's concept.

Also, creating apps with svelte and sveltekit.

The past

Former Senior Backend Software Developer at trivago.

Former Mayflower shipmen.

Business Information Systems Master in Würzburg.