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Sharing more and writing more often

Desk with Laptop, Coffee and pencils

For the last few years I didn't write much on this blog. Read how and why I'm going to change this now.

Reasons for not writing

Well, there are obvious reasons, like laziness, I guess. And a few more in my case.

Lack of topics

Then, I always thought, for most of the topics I wanted to write about, somebody else already took care of. While this was probably true, there always is another angle you could look at things or another insight I might have. So why not start sharing something?

Lack of time

Also, I just didn't have enough time. Or so I thought. Actually, just getting started and write something instead of waiting until I would have time to write a full-blown article makes you have enough time for almost everything in the end. Even more in-depth, detailled stories are possible. It might only take a bit longer.

Fear of criticism

Amongst time and thinking I didn't have something to write about I was also afraid of criticism, I guess. Probably, I still am. But I accepted that it is part of the knowledge sharing thing. And an important part of learning. So, yeah!

The Goals

So I set some goals to myself:

1. Publish at least one article per month.

2. Work on at least one article per day for around 10-15 minutes.

3. Build up a pipeline of roughly aligned topics to write on to make #1 and #2 easier to succeed.

These goals will eventually enable me to get more used to writing, publishing and sharing knowledge.

And it might help me as well finding knowledge gaps.

What do you think? Write me and on twitter or via E-Mail.